What to expect at Snohomish Laundry Company




A clean, comfortable, safe environment

Modern, efficient, coinless equipment




Comfortable, plentiful seating

Granite topped folding tables




Free Wi-Fi, Computer Charging Stations

Large Screen HD TV

What is expected of you:

Respect for fellow customers, our facilities and equipment.

Report equipment issues so they can be corrected and we can assure you quick resolution for your laundry project.

Please recover all of your clothing from washers and dryers. If something is missing, check with our attendant. Abandoned items left over 7 days will be donated to a clothing bank or tossed.

Even perfect children require parental supervision. Snohomish Laundry Company is not certified as a day care center and cannot accept responsibility for their care or behavior.


Please refrain from washing/drying these items at Snohomish Laundry Company.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS – Items soaked with petroleum products (like gasoline, oil, solvents) or any other organic, synthetic or refined flammable material. Some organic substances, like kapok which is used in hypo-allergenic products can be washed in our equipment but CANNOT BE PLACED IN OUR DRYERS. Please read use and care instructions on products to determine suitability for laundry processing. Snohomish Laundry Company is not responsible for damage caused by inappropriate use.

Hoofbeat Blankets

HORSE BLANKETS – We are proud to refer all horse blanket business to Hoofbeat Blankets, a long established expert in cleaning and repairing horse blankets. Call 206-390-0016 for pickup and delivery or drop off at Hill Street Cleaners in Snohomish or Monroe.